Supp people In this space were gonna tell you a lil more about the sydney Team and it's members. First thing is we've only just started  so we are not as big as the melbourne team but we share the same ideas about having a good time and enjoying ourselves cause at the end of the day thats why we started playing and because its the S.R.S way .



He's one of the youngest members in S.R.S at only 16 but he makes up for it in skill . He has mastered almost every course on the game and will challenge you anytime anywhere , You can find him playing at Hornsby Timezone. His car of choice is a drifty Z33 Nissan FairladyZ.


One of the most random and crazy guys you will ever meet , his sure to make you laugh with his lay back looks and funny jokes but dont let that fool you he has produced some of the fastest times in australia with his car of choice  a GC8 Subaru Impreza WRX StI , you can find him playing at Hornsby Timezone.


One of the guys that plays the most you'll ever see, You can always find him playing at the city in Galaxy World or Timezone battling some of the best players in the country and winning, he has mastered almost every map and is a specialist at Osaka and Yokohane with his battle tuned 32GTR.


Sydney S.R.S is looking for members so contact us for information on the email in the homepage , Also look out for upcoming events where you can race the boys from S.R.S or you can enquiry about joining xD