Welcome to the crazy world OF wangan midnight maximum tune S.R.S Stylez xD

When your only chance is a boost on battle between maniacs who love to ram back!

FkN's Foreword

SRS isnt just a team that aims for great achievements, we aim to better ourselves through battles, by showing individuals the ability to learn courses with the chance of winning stars. The meaning of SRS isnt in the name, it's in what we do.

The basic of all rules of SRS is to have fun and enjoy the game, pure and simple, and through boost on battles, we accomplish our goal in creating a race that is both meaningful and chaotic, with the off chance of a hiace suicide...and most definitely hummiliation.

We have teams in Perth WA, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Toronto Canada and Malaysia, and contacts around the world, from Canada to the Philippines to Hong Kong and America!

We are open to any team challange provided that they meet our conditions: Boost on, anything goes.

Vists our place of refuge in at www.wmexpressway.net, sign up and holla up
Or check out our battles at www.youtube.com/fknsrs!

Dare's Foreword

To be SRS, is to have serious fun. Maximum Tune or Maccas Time, we bring MT to a whole new level.

The main tenet of the SRS way of life is to enjoy it as much as you can whenever we can. Whether we do this by MT, forcing pounders down peoples throats, or extremely lame cool jokes, SRS will show you something you've bever seen before.

SRS. When being Serious is all about having Serious Fun. 

S.R.S Melbourne

The originals, the founding ones who received the power of S.R.S from those we dont speak of.

You can find us at almost any MT arcade, but we mostly play on a tuesday at timeout in Box Hill! We're rough and we know it, and don't expect us to let ya pass, we will block and ram you without a second thought. Expect the unexpected when Dare and FkN race, from suicides to steaks, to incredible feats of racing, almost anything can happen, and ANYTHING has happend, when these boys race. Watch out for the Happy Hurrr show, when 4 Hiaces duke it out on wangan, hakone or Osaka and do doughnuts just for the fun of it! Tuners beware, if we're racing and your tuning, expect to be challanged...alot

We are always willing to help the noobs to improve so they may become the next Generation of racers and hopefully one day follow us in our path of SRS

 S.R.S Sydney

The Newly founded totally epic incredibly (is that how you spell it ) awesome Sydney team.

You can find them at many locations specially at Hornsby timezone or George street Galaxy world in the city... There more refined players who dont fight between eachother to choose stages lolol, but dont get it confused they will do whatever it takes for a laugh and to win that race. Together they also have an arsenal of Cars to suit any kind of taste From Drifty Z33's to Psycho Rx8's, GriP Freak GC8's To Speed Crazed R33's, and Who could forget The plain Sexy R32 GTR... Their only new but watch out for them and their recruiting members so be quick and join The one and only S.R.S 

 If you wish to join this newly founded, yet growing powerhouse of a team, add us on msn and tell us about yourself!

S.R.S_Sydney@live.com.au- Sydney Based

Shingdinger@hotmail.com - Melbourne Base