Where it all began - Melbourne Victoria

Founding Member  
@ Wangan Westbound
The Valkyrie

A former Australian record holder for Wangan Westbound, Dare is also capable of running fast times on all tracks. He also takes battles to the extreme, and his Sacrifice is one of the most devastating moves in a 2 on 2 battle. He is also capable of holding his own in large battles, often choosing the best course of action in the tightest circumstances.

Founding Member
@ Hanshin Expressway Loop Line
The Gundam

An Osaka Player through and through, Fkn is one of the wildest players on the team. The initiator of the Steak, he loves nothing more than to ram. Ruthless and effective, Fkn will take even the hardest challengers on. Expect the unexpected when Fkn plays, he is more than willing to throw away all self control when it comes to MT.

Founding Member
@ Hanshin Expressway Loop Line
The Android

Calm and sneaky, Dan will take you where you least expect it. Dan plays a clean game, but is fully capable of playing hardball when required. 

Founding Member
@ New Belt Line Clockwise
Optimus Prime

Auta is a mental player, who takes Maximum Tune to whole new concepts of power play. He'll out think most opponents, and is easily capable of achieving fast times on any track. He is known for his tag-team battles with Dare and Kih, swapping out drivers in the middle of a match. He is also the greatest team player, being the most selfless player of all. 


@ Yokohane Upward

Capable of heading headlong into a battle, as well as taking a cleaner route, O.O's ever changing tactics enables him to confuse even the most capable players. O.O takes the route less traveled, keeping his play unpredictable and mercurial. He is fast on all tracks, and is easily capable of adapting to situations as they come up.

@ Tick Tock Clock
Tengen Toppa

Easygoing, crazy, ARTY is the tuner of HURRR, SRS's HiAce of Fear. When it comes to a team battle, Arty will selflessly put his own car on the line, blocking others as much as he can so as to allow his teammates to pull ahead. His favourite track is Anything by Cher.

@ Hanshin Expressway Loop Line
The flying EvoVIII

Famous for jumping his car over the Yokohane Downwards tollbooths, Kih is a member of SRS who loves the game. He plays for fun, and from this is easily capable of winning in the most difficult situations. His primary goal is to enjoy the game, and his joy often moves the rest of the team to have more fun as well.

@ New Belt Line Counter Clockwise
Neil-senpai, the Battle Master

MP5 is one of the hardest blocking players in SRS. Hard to pass, MP5 cherishes the challenge of keeping people behind him in all situations.

@ Hakone Inbound
Powerhouse Ace Card

HAWKZ, the most experienced player of SRS Melbourne. He has been around for the most, and has the most tricks up his sleeve. Easily capable of fast times at any track, HAWKZ excels at using smaller, light cars to their full capability, ensuring that their agility and nimbleness gets him out of the most difficult situations.

What we hoped to acheive was something more than just a team, it was a vision where racers could turn up at a venue and know a face or two to enjoy the game more, recieve hints and tips on how to better themselves and race carelessly for fun...

Check out how we roll on www.youtube.com/fknsrs!

We have achieved this goal, through the creation of SRS in Melbourne, we have rapidly expanded from the founding 4 members in Victoria, to international waters and across the borders to Sydney and Perth.

Places to play in Melbourne if you not sure!

Crown Casino - Galactic Circus
Melbourne CBD on Russell and Bourke -Bluehouse
Melbourne CBD on Russell and Bourke - Whitehouse
Knox O-zone - TimeZone
Chadstone Shopping Centre - Intencity
Southland Shopping Centre - Intencity
Sunshine Plaza - Intencity
Box Hill - Time Out
Watergardens Hoyts
Northland Shopping Centre
Highpoint Shopping Centre

FkN: Ps - Gundams rock!
Dare: Pps - No they dont!